The country Ireland is well known for its beauty and greenness. However what most people are unaware of is that Ireland is in the northwest of Europe in the North Atlantic Ocean. The main geographical features of Ireland is the low central plains being surrounded by a large right of coastal mountains.

The coastline all over holds beauty at every point however on the western coast is the more rugged areas and has a few islands also.

Ireland has a large number of peninsulas, bays and rivers however the most notable is the River Shannon which from the reported 386km long and with a over 112km estuary is reported to be the longest river in Ireland. The River Shannon flows from the top of the County Cavan in Ulster and runs all the way to meet up with the Atlantic Ocean just south of Limerick.

It has been found by scientists that Ireland has parts of its land from glacial deposits and some rocks have been found to be approximately about 1.7billion years old. That particular area and rock formations is found Inishtrahull Island.

In areas like Southern County Donegal the end of the land mass and the meeting of the seas is dramatic with sheer drops of rock to the waters edge, however with such green mosses and grasses keeping even the edges all beautiful green.

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