The Geographical Society of Ireland was founded in 1934 to promote geographical studies in Ireland and welcomed as members all persons interested in the subject.
Geography Matters !

At its most basic level, Geography is about the relationship between humans and the environment. It is a subject that has become increasingly relevant in recent years as we hear of the dangers of global warming, of rapid urbanisation of the countryside and of problems with waste management and flooding. Geographers are interested in why places are distinctive and how they have changed over time. In an increasingly global world it has also become vital to understand global issues, local events, and their interconnections.
Why join the Geographical Society of Ireland?

If you have an interest in the environment, in how society is shaping our cities and countryside or simply want to find out more about why things are where they are, then consider joining the GSI.

Membership includes a subscription to the internationally distributed journal Irish Geography, which focuses on all aspects of the Geography of Ireland and is published twice yearly. A number of guest lectures, fieldtrips and special events are also held each year between October and April, and are open to all members.

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